ETR Awards

The Eastern Tandem Rally likes to celebrate with its most faithful attendees! As a small acknowlegement of rally participant’s loyalty, for the couples who return year after year, the ETR organization presents the following awards:

Polo shirts with the ETR emblem for attendees marking a decade of ETR rallies. The polo shirts superceded ETR 10 Year award patches, which were awarded in the eighties and early nineties.

ETR 10-Year Participation Patch

ETR 10-Year Participation Patch
circa 1985-1995

Commemorative ETR jerseys for the gray-beards: attendees marking a full two decades of ETR rallies

Team Years Attended in last 5 years
Glenn and Cheryl Allen 10
Kathy Hecht and Leonard Diamond 10 Y
Mickey and Margie Elsberg 10 Y
Al Shane and Marion Gorham 10
Bruce Wells and Anne Hintermeister 10
Guy and Debbie Marcil 10
Harry and Connie Moore 10
? and Laura Oftedahl 10
Earle and Carolyn Rich 10
Gary and Anna Ruuska 10
Alice and Bob Sawyer 10 Y
Judi Burten and Kevin Soll 10 Y
Barbara and Randy Swart 10
Carol and Mike Vilardo 10 Y
Sue and Eliott Weinstein 10 Y
Brad and Diane Willard 10
Peggy and David Bowen 11
Kathy and Gary Custis 11
Phyllis and Dwight Kitchens 11
Linda and Richard Kleinhenz 11
Louise and Jim McDermott 11 Y
Cait and Bill Ruhling 11 Y
Janice and Paul Schaffner 11
Tom Bruni and Therese Spadaro 11
Pat and Mike Weisel 11 Y
Charles and Jeanne White 11
Cam and Karen Witt 11 Y
Colleen and Bernie Derry 12 Y
Rachael Dye 12
Mary and Finlay Ferguson 12 Y
Paula and Jim Fines 12 Y
Bob and Mary Fletcher 12
Franklin Helm 12
Frank and Lenore Kuwik 12
Sharon and Jack McWatters 12 Y
Jim and Cheryl Price 12
Bill and Patty Baughman 13
Cheryl Prudhomme and Mark Cucuzella 13 Y
Bob and Ann Friedman 13
Eric Remington 13
Dorothy Wilson and Ken Resi 13
Jason Stinsmen 13
Tom and Diane Tschantz 13 Y
Bruce Yockey 13
Cathy and Alex Hyatt 14 Y
Timothy Woodby and Rosemary Johnson 14
Bill and Pat Rock 14
Doug Shick and Sue Frechette 15
Donna and Ross Glasgow 15 Y
Jane and John Stinsmen 15
Lynne Alexander and Christian Bratina 16 Y
Tom and Mary Helm 16
Michael and Renate Junge 16
Amanda and Paul Ricard 16 Y
Janice and Norman Haber 17 Y
Ruth and Robert Sawyer 17
Susan Nicolich and David Snope 17 Y
David and Renee Strauss 17 Y
Robert and Marianne Gooding 18
Brenda and Larry Isherwood 18 Y
Carolyn and Don Lane 18 Y
Frank and Lethe Lescinsky 18
Marie Synnestvedt and Steve Powell 18 Y
Wayne and Mary Beverungen 19
? and Jim Ryan 19
Harvey and Susan Sachs 19
Al and Ruth Schaffer 19
Jack and Susan Goertz 20 Y
Knapp and Ella Hudson 20 Y
Bruce and Michele Ricard 20 Y
? and Duane Thompson 20
? and Janet Carothers 21
Bob and Linda Harvey 22 Y
Nan and Scott Steketee 22 Y
Jeanne and Bob Dollar 23
Bob and Willa Friedman 23
Margaret Love and Thom Remington 23 Y
Emery and Anne Glass 24
Ruth and Bob Husky 24
Jayne and Alan Yockey 24 Y
Al and Sue Berzinis 27
Bonnie Doyle and Chuck Dye 27 Y
Bill and Sandy Mcilmail 27
Rodney and Verna Moseman 30
Fran and Neil Toombs 30 Y
Lee and Alan Dolan 32 Y
Barbara and Mel Kornbluh 33 Y
Malcolm Boyd and Judy Allison 34 Y
Jeanne and Brian Hanson 36 Y