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Vice-president Ross Glasgow vicepresident at
Treasurer Cheryl Prudhomme treasurer at
Secretary Maggie Cole secretary at
Comptroller & Auditor Brenda Isherwood auditor at
Historian David Darby historian at
Merchandise Manager Brennan Wall merchandise at
ETR Board Member at Large Beth Potier  
ETR Board Member at Large Nan Steketee  
ETR Board Member at Large Candace Cotton  
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2018 ETR Representative Reed Nester  
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Dan Mckee

Dan McKee’s fascination with tandems started at GEAR ‘75 in Amherst, MA when he saw a couple on a tandem pulling their child in a Cannondale Bugger trailer. The whole family was together – pretty cool, he thought!

His wife surprised him with their first tandem in 1989. The people they’ve met since then, the other big bikes they’ve bought (including a triplet), keep leading to new friendships, new experiences, and new vacations.

Tandeming became an integral part of their life, which they enjoy immensely and never had imagined would be so important. They say they are lucky to call the numerous couples they’ve met over the years as good friends and fortunate to enjoy this healthy social activity with so many others.


Vice President

Ross Glasgow

Ross Glasgow

Ross Glasgow, an avid bicyclist since 1990, hails from Bowie, Maryland and been involved with the ETR board since 2005. He and his wife, Donna, purchased their first tandem in 1994 and since 2000 have participated in many multiday tandem events and rallies in various parts of the US and Canada. In addition, they have toured with other fellow tandemists in France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand. Ross and Donna have thoroughly enjoyed attending these tandem events and look forward to many more.


Donna and Ross Glasgow



Cheryl Prudhomme

Cheryl Prudhomme and her husband Mark bought their first tandem in 2001 and have been enjoying riding with the local tandem club – the Doubles of the Garden State (DOGS), as well as at ETR and MATES since then. They currently own a Bushnell coupled bike and a Calfee Tetra. They went on their first international biking trip to Italy in 2016 with the Bushnell. They hosted two MATES rallies (2008 in Flemington and 2015 in Clinton). Cheryl is currently retired from Chubb Insurance Company.



Maggie Cole

Maggie Cole and her husband, Jim Scally, have been tandeming since the early 2000s. They attended their first ETR in 2011 and were immediately hooked, traveling to Spring Thaw, MATES and ETR in 2012. While Maggie still prefers the stoker seat, she has recently been enjoying learning how to captain, and the two have been known to spontaneously switch seats mid ride. Jim and Maggie live on Cape Cod and have, between them, four children and four grandchildren.



Comptroller & Auditor

Brenda Isherwood

Brenda Isherwood

Brenda Isherwood and her husband Larry (TeamBreeze) started tandeming in 1996 on their Burley Duet before they were married. They jumped right into the tandem world, first being volunteers for the 1997 ETR and most recently the 2013 ETR both in NJ. They are founding members of the DOGS (Doubles Of the Garden State) Tandem Club of NJ which was formed after the ’97 ETR and are very active members.
Larry is the artist for the DOGS club jerseys, the 1997 & 2013 ETR jerseys and the Dirty DOGS club jersey with Brenda handling the design portion of two of these jerseys.
They have two children, Amy & Matt, whom are now adults. Their daughter and her husband, Jay, mountain tandem and are also DOGS club members.
Brenda is the Office & Accounting Manager at the same company since 1991. Larry has been a diesel mechanic at the same company since 1978 and is a great bike mechanic.
They still own the Burley and use it to take their shih tzu, Barkley, for trailer rides. They’ve owned two Co-Motions, with their current one being a Macchiato. They also got into off-road tandeming in 2008 and own two mountain tandems, a Ventana Full Suspension and a Fandango Hard tail.

2013 NJ Gran Fondo


ETR Board Member at Large

Beth Potier

Beth Potier

Beth Potier has been tandeming since 2002, when she and her boyfriend rented a tandem on vacation, loaded it with 50 pounds of touring gear, and rode it straight up a mountain. Adhering to the wisdom “Wherever your relationship is headed, a tandem will get you there faster,” she married the captain of that ill-advised trip, Brent Bell. They ride a 1985 Bob Jackson tandem they purchased at a garage sale. Several years ago, they kicked their son Holden out of his Burley trailer and made him stoke his own weight, adding a Hokitika triplet to their quiver. In her day job as a writer at the University of New Hampshire, Beth’s office is in the former conference center that hosted the 2008 ETR in Durham.

Brent, Holden, and Beth commence a tour in Prince Edward Island


ETR Board Member at Large

Nan Steketee

Nan Steketee and her husband Scott and have been tandeming since 1977 when they commissioned Bill Boston to build them a custom tandem. Shortly thereafter they bought Malcolm Boyd and Judy Allison’s Jack Taylor and used both it and the Boston for family touring. Nan spent many a trip captaining these tandems with Scott or one of our two sons stoking. She remains one of few women to captain and would love to talk to other women who do so or want to. They purchased their Calfee five years ago and are enjoying it. They have toured parts of the USA and Europe on tandem. Nan is the captain of Team Joelle for the annual MS150 City to Shore event.


ETR Board Member at Large

Candice Cotton

Candace Cotton and her husband Mike Saft bought their first tandem in 2004, but it spent more time in the garage than on the road because it was an uncomfortable fit for the captain. However, after a visit to Mel, the purchase of a Seven Tandem and a wonderful ride with the WABBITS, they learned about all the wonderful tandems events and the wonderful tandem community. Their first event was Mel’s Tandem weekend in 2012 followed by the ETR in New Jersey in 2013. Since then they have attended every subsequent ETR and MATES. They got the travel bug so purchased a Comotion coupled tandem and have since travelled to New Zealand twice, Spain and France. Arizona and New Mexico, plus have an upcoming trip to Belgium. Tandeming has become their main source of recreation and vacation and expense.


ETR Board Member at Large

Reed Nester

Reed Nester and his wife Karen have been tandeming since 2002, and have lived in Williamsburg, VA since 1986. Reed is retired from serving as Williamsburg’s Planning Director for 30 years, and was actively involved in planning for bicycle facilities in the greater Williamsburg area. He is a past-President of the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists and is a board member of BikeWalk Williamsburg. Karen is a retired middle school science teacher. They have two sons, Matt and Mike, who live in Swansea, Wales and Knoxville, TN with their families. Reed and Karen are active members of the RATS (Richmond Area Tandem Society), and attended their first tandem rally in 2003. They hosted ETR in Williamsburg in 2018. They have owned three tandems, with their current stable consisting of a Calfee Tetra and a Co-Motion Mocha.


David Darby

David Darby has been riding bikes for almost 50 years. He added a tandem bike to his bike collection after he met his stoker – Terri Bonee.   Terri (T-Bone) and David (Dawg) have tandemed the west coast (San Francisco to LA) as well a trip around the Cairngorms in Scotland.  Their first ETR was The Finger Lakes in 2015 which was especially memorable for David as the Friday ride started from the Penn Yan middle school which David attended 40+ yrs prior and hadn’t been back since.