ETR and the Cirkut Camera

Seven ETR group pictures were Cirkut photographs scanned and reproduced here. A Circut camera has a vertical slit aperture, and gears pull the film past the slit, synchronized in speed as the camera simultaneously rotates around the horizontal plane. The resulting originals range from the ETR 1979 Cape Cod black and white print, 5″ high by 29″ long, to our largest, ETR 1987 Galloway’s 7″ x 38″ color print. The original photographs are of sufficiently high resolution that some of the participant’s name tags can be read with a magnifying glass! All this with technology invented in 1904 for filming outdoor panoramas.

A Circut camera was used to capture ETR panorama group photographs at these eight rallies:

Post-2000 ETR group photographs used Nikon digital technologies; ETR 2008 and 2009 were cropped to present an aspect ratio similar to the Cirkut panoramas, and are available below for comparison:

We will continue to experiment with our ETR group photography!