Lynnfield Old Meeting HouseETR 2019 will be held in Lynfield, MA from June 28-30. For more info, click here.



1) What happens if I cancel??? 

 We have entered the last 2 weeks before the rally so most of the bills have been paid, no refunds as of July 1st. If you cannot attend and have ordered shirts, we can try to sell them for you, no guarantees?

2) How hilly is it???

The planned routes are in the Champlain Valley and are mostly flat with rolling hills. For the adventurous, on Friday we are offering an option to climb the Appalachian Gap. It’s quite a climb so bring your low gear if you choose to do it. AND..have very good brakes!!

3) When and where is breakfast???

The included breakfast is in Simpson Hall from 7:00 to 8:30 AM.

4) What about bike storage??

There are 3 secure bike storage areas on campus. UVM requires you sign a waiver form to use the storage areas. You may store your bike in your room.

5) Where do I park my car??

Free parking will be available for all overnight guests near the University Heights Dorm. You will need to obtain a permit at the front desk of the dorm when you register.

6) What are the dorm check in/check out times??

You may check in as early as 11:00 Tuesday, July 15th and out  Sunday, July 20th at 3:00. If you need other arrangements please contact Sal or Susan.

7) Do the dorms require a minimum number of days??

UVM requires you stay a minimum of 2 nights.

8) What are the dorm suites like??

The suite is 2 single rooms joined by a common bathroom.

9) Are the  rooms Air conditioned??


10) What if I have special dietary needs??

Please contact Susan