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1) Feb 19 @ 7pm EST
2) Feb 21 @ 7pm EST
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ETR 1993 – Williamsburg, VA

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ETR 1993 Williamsburg

ETR 1993 Williamsburg


View pictures from the rally here.

Alan and Jayne Yockey
Alan and Lee Dolan
Ann and Bob Friedman
Anna and Gary Ruuska
Anne and Emery Glass
Bev and Mike Deford
Bill and Barbara Spangler
Bob and Alice Sawyer
Bob and Jo Kanis
Bob and Ruth Husky
Bob Dollar
Brian and Jeanne Hanson
Brian Stoltzfus and Jean Payer
Bruce Yockey
Carol and Peter Katz
Carolyn and Earle Rich
Charlie and Bonnie Gable
Charlie Dye
Chris and Neil Lantzy
Chuck Dye and Bonnie Doyle
Connie and Harry Moore
David and Peggy Bowen
David and Tanner Gay
Debbie and Guy Marcil
Diana and Gabe Mirkin
Diane and Brad Willard
Diane and Tom Tschantz
Don and Bonnie Prager
Don and Carolyn Lane
Donald Gresham and Lynn Ramsey
Duane Thompson
Edward Lifschitz and Ann E Singer
Elaina Palincsar
Ella and Knapp Hudson
Eric Remington
Franklin Helm
Gail and Harry Spatz
Gail and Lee Forker
Gary and Kathy Custis
Harry and Lee Gold
Hinda and Elliot Kimmel
Jack and Sharon McWatters
Janet Carothers
Jeanne Hanson
Jim Hardin and Mary Drexler
Jim Ryan
Jody Kaufman and Roger Goun
Joe and Donna Cocalis
John and Bonnie Mcclun
John Singer and Janice Wagner
Joy and Joseph Rutch
Judith and Bruce Bachelder
Judy Allison and Malcolm Boyd
Judy and George Bacon Jr
Karen and Ken Mackenzie
Kathy and Dick Edwards
Kathy Dollar
Kay and Frank Mcguire
Keith and Dana Ely
Kevin Soll
Kevin Soll and Judi Burten
Kristie and Ray Foss
Laura and Dave Wartel
Lenore and Frank Kuwik
Leslie and John Erdman
Lethe and Frank Lescinsky
Lida and Scott Jenney
Lisa and Jerry Kamas
Lois and Bob Weast
Lynn and Marty Hahn
Margie and Mickey Elsberg
Marianne and Robert Gooding
Maricarmen and Philip Petix
Marion and Dan Liberati
Mary and Jay Brosnan
Mary and Tom Helm
Mary and Wayne Beverungen
Mel and Barbara Kornbluh
Michele and Bruce Ricard
Michele and Jim Cooper
Nancy and Leonard Murphy
Nate and Mary-Ellen Carmen
Neil and Fran Toombs
Norman and Janice Haber
Pat and Bill Rock
Pat and Stanley Smith
Patty and Bill Baughman
Paul and Amanda Ricard
Peg and Bruce Bonnevier
Peggy and Joe Schott
Peter Baughman
Rachael Dye
Randy and Barbara Swart
Renate and Michael Junge
Rita and Al Sauvageau
Rita and Gene Cappelletti
Robert and Ruth Sawyer
Robin Mcintyre and Andrew Campbell
Roger Frechette and Ania Knap
Rosemary Johnson and Timothy Woodby
Ruth and Al Schaffer
Sam Henry and Helen Stender
Sandy and Bill Mcilmail
Sarah and Michael Casseday
Sarah Hudson
Sharon and Joshua Hart
Steve Palincsar
Steve Powell and Marie Synnestvedt
Sue and Jim Davis
Sue Frechette and Doug Shick
Susan and Jack Goertz
Thom Remington and Margaret Love
Verna and Rodney Moseman
Walt Earley and Becky Reddick
Willa and Bob Friedman