Lynnfield Old Meeting HouseETR 2019 Registration
1) Feb 19 @ 7pm EST
2) Feb 21 @ 7pm EST
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ETR 2002 – Rye Brook, NY

View pictures from the rally here.

Al and Lois Farrell
Alan and Lee Dolan
Alex and Cathy Hyatt
Anne Hintermeister and Bruce Wells
Bernie and Colleen Derry
Bob and Alice Sawyer
Bob and Ruth Husky
Brian and Jeanne Hanson
Bronwen Freides and Steve Eastwood
Carol and Bob Anderson
Carol and Don Friedlander
Carol and Mark Benn
Carol and Richard Zweifel
Caroline Witt
Casey Boniface
Chris Baker and Jeff Tichansky
Conrad and Barbara Bernier
Courtney Witt
Cynthia Kagno and David Wittenberg
David and Ann Benson
David and Deborah Zuckerman
David Freides
David Kristol and Marjorie Brandriss
David Snope and Susan Nicolich
Diane and Gary Merrill
Diane and William Blyler
Don and Connie Engleke
Drew and Robin Boniface
Fran and Eric Mayhew
Franklin Helm
Franny and David Yerkes
Gary and Sandra Gerulat
Izabela Frechette
Jeanne Hanson
Jessica Morrison
Jim and Louise McDermott
Jim and Paula Fines
Jim Pastorick and Kim Green
Joanne and Daniel Lavoie
Joseph and Barbara Rudolph
Joyce and Robert Saltzman
Judy Allison and Malcolm Boyd
Judy and Marc Weinberg
Julia Wells
Karen and Cam Witt
Karen Labonte and Mark Linehan
Kelsey and Avery Friedlander
Ken Resi and Dorothy Wilson
Larry and Brenda Isherwood
Leonard Diamond and Kathy Hecht
Leslie Cappel and Debra Kurs
Lily and Michael Fabricante
Linda and Kevin Morrison
Lisa and Gary Durborow
Margaret Love
Margie and Mickey Elsberg
Mary and Tom Helm
Mel and Barbara Kornbluh
Mike and Pat Weisel
Miranda Canilang
Monique Frechette
Nate Boniface
Neil and Fran Toombs
Paige Durborow
Pam and Larry Mauch
Pam and Ron Zentz
Patricia and Steven Singer
Patty and Bill Baughman
Paul Mararcher and Sammi Sherwin
Paul Walaskay and Jinx Lucas
Peter Baughman
Randy Kindsfather and Carol Berger
Regina and Donald Fisher
Renee and Mark Daley
Robert and Ruth Sawyer
Roger Frechette and Ania Knap
Ross and Donna Glasgow
Ruth Linehan
Ruth Wittenberg
Sandy and Bill Mcilmail
Sandy and Rich Hineline
Sarah and Mike Duffy
Sharon and John Schmitt
Steve Palincsar
Stu and Jane Shakman
Sue and Al Berzinis
Sue and Mike Holden
Susan and Jack Goertz
Therese Spadaro and Tom Bruni
Thom Remington and Margaret Love
Tylis Chang and Denise Mcaloose
Verna and Rodney Moseman
Vivian and Roger Cardinal
Walt Earley and Becky Reddick
Wayne Zuckerman
Willa and Bob Friedman
William and Sara Canilang