ETR 2016 – Geneva, NY

The official ETR 2016 pictures from Knapp & Ella Hudson of Stone Coast Photography are hereYou can order prints from their site, or download a picture and have it printed anywhere you want.  To download, click on the download link on the bottom right of the picture page (3rd icon).

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a group picture this year.

Attendee Photo Contributions:


Mark and Beth Abrahams
Michael and Peggy Abrams
Julia and Greg Alexander
Ray and Cheryl Aley
Steve and Deb Angst
Michael and Paula Bandos
Michael Barber and Barbara Chudanski
Jeff Bauer
G. Andrew and Joy Bauer
Annie Beigel and Sue Kohler
Brent Bell and Beth Potier
Rob and Diane Bendig
Grant Benjamin and Susan Pribyl
Edward and Donna Bevan
Tom and Terry Biaggi
Mike and Caren Bianco
Ed and Judy Biskner
Barton and Kim Bixenstine
Hal and Barbara Blumenthal
Rich Brookler and Debbie Ungerleider
Donald and Kathie Brumbaugh
Don and Terry Cairns
Bernard and Elizabeth Carlson
Wayne and Sharon Chism
Paul and Linda Cooney
Doug and Geri Crush
Mark Cucuzella and Cheryl Prudhomme
George and Diane Cunha
Bill Curran and Mary Matejczyk
Alan and Joann Curtis
Abram and Leigh Dancy
David Darby and Terri Bonee
Harry and Leonora Darling
Bernie and Colleen Derry
Joseph and Mary Jo Deucher
Len Diamond and Kathy Hecht
Richard and Michelle Dittmar
Alan and Lee Dolan
Chuck Dye and Bonnie Hallman-Dye
Thomas and Marguerite Dymond
Mark Engle and Linda Zaleski
Ed and Suz Enyedy
Finlay and Mary Ferguson
Bill and Dale Fisher
Rick and Diane Garcia
Carlos and Sophia Garcia
Tom and Cheryl Ghan
Ben and Liza Giacona
Rossell and Donna Glasgow
Mark and Lisa Gobel
Robert and Jill Gotoff
David and Carol Groening
Norm and Janice Haber
Gary Hael and Sally Palaian
Steve and Barbara Hall
Brian and Jeanne Hanson
Arthur and Karen Hass
Chris and Connie Hendy
David and Susan Hollinger
Kevin and Valerie Houston
Knapp and Ella Hudson
Ralph H and Anne B Hunt
Dan and Annette Hurley
Larry and Brenda Isherwood
David and Brenda Jaffe
Ralph and Judy Jodice
Dennis and Jodie Kelly
Mike Kennedy and Renee’ Jung-Kennedy
James Kent and Tessa Hart
Paul and Jane Kimmel
Steve and Helen Kinsey
Rod and Mary Klann
Mel and Barbara Kornbluh
Phillip Kurrle and Erney Kurrle
Don and Carolyn Lane
Luis Leon and Fabia Wargin
Dan and Jean Leonard
David Leslie and Kasia Bryc
Jianhua Lin and Fang LI
Larry and Debbie Linzer
Jay Livingston and Szifra Birke
Bill and Ellen Lockwood
Paul Malarcher and Sammi Sherwin
Thomas and MaryAnne Mangano
Kenneth and Alice Mantey
Paul Marchese and Jennifer Kirsch
Paul and Kathleen Mardirosian
Larry Masur and Dale Sokoloff
Jim and Louise McDermott
Jim McGarry and Lyn Pohl
Robert and Rosmarie McGregor
Daniel and Chanda McKee
Neil McPhee and Barb Flint
Jack and Sharon McWatters
Ward and Heather Melville
Karl Miller and Susan Eisenstadt
Steve and Sandy Mitton
Patrick and Susan Moorman
Joe Moreno and Lisa Celona
Jon and Teri Mullen
Kenneth and Elise Newbury
Cuong and Anh Nguyen
Peter and Patricia Noffke
Glenn and Sue Orcutt
James and Sonya Orr
Michael and Jean Pagnotta
Jim Pastorick and Kim Pastorick
P. John and Debra Paulson
Boyd and Elaine Peart
Bill and Christine Pellegrini
Pat and Beth Peterson
Wayne Phelps and Melanie Ashby
Steve Powell and Marie Synnestvedt
Tom and Robyn Ratajczak
Jeff Reed and Tricia Metzger
Justin and Abbey Roelofs
Joseph and Cynthia Rosiek
Jim and Sari Rosokoff
Rick Rowe and Karen Ernest
Bruce and Wendy Rubin
William and Sally Ryder
Mike Saft and Candace Cotton
Alex Sallwey and Cathy Hyatt
Bob and Alice Sawyer
Jim Scally and Meagan Cole
Alan Scherl and Rita Tesar
Philip and Bobbi Schmidt
Brett and Heather Schwerin
Cary and Sara Sennett
Mark Shannon and Debbie Montreuil
Dean Shock and Cindy Lundy
Lisa and David Siegel
Joe Snodgrass and Sally Naish
Dave Snope and Susan Nicolich
Hammering Howie and Nancy Robart
Karl and Lori Staub
Joel and Lacey Steen
Nan Steketee
Steve Still and Terrie Tucker
Brian Stoltzfus and Jean Payer
Roger Strauss and Eve Kofsky
David and Renee Strauss
Terio and Jessica Sutherland
Dennis Szilvasy and Chris McGlynn
Jay Tendler and Haydee Lancman
Roy and Zeleny Terretta
Henry and Roxanne Theiss
Philip and Cynthia Therrien
Neil and Frances Toombs
Gary and Lynda Toombs
Scott and Jenifer Trautmann
Pat and Jenny Tynan
Raymond and Lenna Verina
Mike and Carol Vilardo
Robert and Harriet Voysey
David Waldman and Kelly Alvermann
Brennan and Beth Wall
Jeff Wallen and Molly Schaeffer
Jeffrey and Hilary Warner
John and Janet Weber
Michael and Patricia Weisel
Bruce Wells and Anne Hintermeister
Alan and Marilyn Wenger
Leon and Lucille Wiggin
Ken Williamson and Lora Miller
Charles Windisch and Dottie Wilson
Jeffrey Winick and Wendy Samuelson
Mike Wirth and Pell Wardrop
Dennis and Catherine Wombough
Don and Anne Yanaitis
Alan and Jayne Yockey
John Yunits and Julia Karnes
Linda and Mike Zanoni